Christmas Carols

Since I started playing Christmas carols in the house at the beginning of this week, Kulunga has dropped fantabulous Advent terminology like “The Vergent Mary”, “The face no-wail”, “Hawk the herald angels sing.”

This morning, Tapiwa’s got an upset tummy so the girls and I served her breakfast in bed to cheer her up. Kulunga offered to sing “Mary’s Boy Child” and Tapps-Tapu and I laughed out loud to hear the lyrics “Them hear a choir sing a song, The music seemed to come from a farm!” Patient cheered up, mission accomplished;-) I can’t wait to hear Kulu’s commentary on “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas.” Heheheheh!

The most hilarious festive season moment thus far though was last night watching Silent Night on youtube. Check the footage at 3:50, where my girl exclaimed “Why is he upset? It’s his birthday!” After falling about laughing on the floor, I wondered why on earth the “video director” put torturous Garden of Gethsemane (pre-crucifixion) footage in a Christmas carol video. And then I made a mental note to self to have a word with the Sunday School teacher…


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